Brown Jeffery Ventures

We're business builders, investing in early stage businesses and consulting for startups and corporates on product development and infastructure.


We want to make a meaningful contribution to the businesses we invest in, and help them become sustainable and profitable, so we view all of our investments as long term.

We assist with the implementation of business systems and admin processes to streamline operations and compliance.

We primarily get involved in technology based startups with clear revenue models and long term potential.

Our current portfolio includes:

MyEcommerce - Software Development Company, launched in July 2008.
Hlalani IQ - Construction Project Management SaaS, launched in August 2012.
Brown Jeffery Capital - Venture Capital Firm, launched in January 2017.

We're also involved in a few stealth mode startups within the human resources, legal and social media spaces.


Debt Wise Solutions - Debt Counselling and Payment Processing SaaS, launched in February 2008, exited in May 2011.


We provide adhoc consulting and mentoring services to startups and corporates.

Some of our clients include:

MTO Group
Airton Timbers
Wixel Software Solutions
Alexander Forbes


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Connect with us

For efficiency, we conduct all formal meetings and consultations via Skype or Google Meet and make use of Google Docs for meeting notes. However, if you, like us, are passionate about good food, coffee, whisky or wine and you're in the Garden Route, let one of us know and maybe we can meet up.

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